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Tired of seeing plain metal brake calipers? Looking for a unique way to take that extra step in automotive customization?

Coastline Motorsport offers ceramic brake caliper painting for every vehicle. Pricing for this painting service is dependent on the desired color, vehicle application, and current brake caliper finish. Because of the different pricing factors per vehicle, we highly recommend calling our shop and making an appointment to discuss options and scheduling. We handle everything in-house from paint matching, disassembly, painting, reassembly, and break in. Our ceramic paint has been tested and proven to stand up to the high brake temperatures of performance driving.

The basic ceramic painting service includes the caliper color choices of black, red, silver, and yellow. We also offer optional protective black rotor hub paint to help eliminate the rust that develops over time from daily driving and weather. We have a wide selection of paint options beyond the basic service from pink to neon, and we even offer body paint matching options as well. Take a look at some of our caliper paint work below:

Aston Martin paint matched brake calipers
Porsche 911 red brake calipers victor equipment wheels silver logos
Lamborghini Aventador yellow brake calipers
McLaren MP4 paint matched brake calipers
BMW 5 series niche wheels blue caliper paint
Jaguar XJ powdercoated wheels custom red brake calipers
Chevy Camaro blackout painted calipers wheels vinyl
Porsche 997 paint matched brake calipers powdercoated wheels
Audi R8 blackout painted calipers tire letters
Lamborghini red and yellow brake calipers
Porsche Cayenne blackout custom red brake calipers
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