Engine Tuning

Have Coastline help you unlock your vehicle or motorcycle’s potential power!
Audi R8 Engine Bay

Exhaust System:

Make your car sound unique and reduce airflow restriction at the same time! We offer a wide variety of exhaust systems from a custom setup to sound adjusting with valves. Akrapovic,  Borla, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, MBRP, Remus, Shark Werks, and Yoshimura  are just a few examples of the companies we work with. We can help find the right exhaust for you, no matter what vehicle application.

Intake System:

Help your engine breathe better with an aftermarket air intake system. Combining both an aftermarket air intake and exhaust system will increase your horsepower due to less airflow restriction. AEM, Injen, K&N, Stillen, and Volant are some of the companies we work with for better air induction. We can help you pick out your perfect setup!

ECU Tuning:

Get the most out of your vehicle with a performance tune! The electronic systems on today’s vehicles rely heavily on the computer for function, and as a result they come from the factory with the hidden potential for more horsepower and torque. We work with companies such as Eurobaun Performance and Superchips to provide vehicle specific tuning for increased performance. Contact us for more information on vehicle application and potential power attainability.

These are just some of the services that we offer for engine performance, if you have any other questions about other upgrades, contact us!