Amplifier Integration for GM Vehicles

NAV-TV Corp., announces a revolutionary amplifier integration solution that allows the seamless addition of any aftermarket amplifier into General Motors Vehicles equipped with MOST®50.
M650-GM easily delivers the audiophile-quality sound you demand without compromising the vehicle’s factory fit, finish or features. The product produces a completely flat audio output without any factory time delay or equalization, eliminating the need for summing devices, an audio correction DSP or the removal of the factory audio compensation microphones.
Installation requires absolutely no modification to the vehicle or the removal of any factory equipment and can be used when completely replacing the factory speakers, or in any combination utilizing the factory audio components. Volume, Fade, and Balance are supported through the factory radio and steering wheel controls.
All warning chimes and audible turn signal indications are attenuated to factory levels and, along with Onstar®, Navigation prompts, and Bluetooth, are passed to the front output channels, eliminating the need for an external speaker.


For ease of use, the M650-GM is configurable through dip switch settings. User selectable
features of the M650-GM are:
  • Factory Bass control becomes a Subwoofer Level Controller or Controls Bass for the entire system (Analog output only) – eliminates the need for a sub control knob!
  • Time alignment to driver (Full-Sized SUV and Truck Only) or no time alignment (Analog output only)
  • Loudness control for extended bass response at low levels or loudness off (Analog output only)
  • Digital Output at 24 bit 48 kHz or 24 bit 96 kHz (Digital outputs only. Refer to your DSP for compatibility with digital audio above 48 kHz)